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AZ Bail Bonds

Bail Bonds in ArizonaWe know how difficult it is to handle the arrest of a loved one. When the phone rings and they tell you they’re in the county jail facing legal charges, we know how easy it can be to panic. However, during these times, it’s very important to remain calm and talk to a trusted AZ bail bonds agent immediately.

AZ bail bonds are written promises signed by both the defendant and surety. The defendant is the person facing criminal or legal charges in Arizona. Meanwhile, a surety is an organization or individual who signs AZ bail bonds and pays the debt in case the debtor is unable to make payments or if the policy defaults.

The reason AZ bail bonds are arranged is to ensure the defendant appears in court at the pre-scheduled time and date. Bail amounts declared in AZ bail bonds are stated by the court as well. You can learn more about bail bond laws in Arizona here:

Alliance Bail Bonds: AZ Bail Bonds Agents

If you or a loved one is facing legal charges, seek the help of Alliance Bail Bonds today! We are AZ bail bonds agents who help clients process and file their bail bonds as quickly and effectively as possible.

Alliance Bail Bonds is a family-owned and -operated company that’s been filing AZ bail bonds for years now. What separates us from the rest is our professional yet personal service. We’ll do everything we can to lessen the stress you and your family experience as much as possible.

As opposed to filing AZ bail bonds alone, working with an agent from our team can get the job done quicker. In fact, it takes only around 30 minutes to process AZ bail bonds paperwork. If all goes well, you can expect the person in custody to be released 12 hours after AZ bail bonds are posted.

When to Call Alliance Bail Bonds for AZ Bail Bonds?

Once you find out about the arrest of a friend or relative, we strongly urge you to get in touch with us to arrange the AZ bail bonds as soon as possible. Our professional and understanding AZ bail bonds agents are ready to listen to your story.

You don’t have to worry about paying fees upfront. Our priority is to educate clients on the different AZ bail bonds to choose from. You’ll be glad to know that we have flexible payment options available when you ask us to arrange AZ bail bonds.

What Is Needed When Filing AZ Bail Bonds?

To start processing AZ bail bonds, Alliance Bail Bonds will ask the client a few questions about the person in custody. Here are some of the details we’ll need before we process your loved one’s AZ bail bonds:

  • The person’s full legal name
  • The person’s date of birth
  • The county, city, and state where the person is being held
  • The person’s booking number
  • The charges that are pressed against them
  • The bail amount

Note: We can determine the bail amount for the AZ bail bonds client as long as we have enough information pertaining to the individual facing arrest.

Tip: The processing of AZ bail bonds will be delayed if you lack certain personal information. Make sure you have all these information ready beforehand to hasten the process.

Need Help With AZ Bail Bonds?

If you or a family member is facing criminal charges in Arizona, AZ bail bonds might be your ticket to freedom. Alliance Bail Bonds is composed of bail bond agents who specialize in helping clients from Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Glendale, Gilbert, and other areas in the valley who need AZ bail bonds.

Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help speed up the process of arranging AZ bail bonds for court proceedings. Working with an AZ bail bonds specialist from our team makes the entire process easier and more efficient as opposed to working alone.

For more information about AZ bail bonds and how we can help you file them, contact our 24/7 help line. We’re here to help!

Alliance Bail Bonds: Your Partner in Navigating the Bail Bond Process

Those who are charged with an alleged offense and put in police custody are often required to post bail if they want to get out of jail. While seemingly straightforward, the process is not without challenges. That is because the bail amount asked of the accused is normally beyond the financial capacity of most people. Fortunately, he or she can call in a bail bond company for technical and financial assistance.

Alliance Bail Bonds is committed to providing top-notch bail bond services to clients in Mesa, AZ and nearby areas. If you have a loved one who is under arrest and likely to be held over until trial, you can count on us to help with the jail release. Our friendly and skilled bondsmen have a solid background in bail bonding, and they can walk you through the process with unwavering patience and efficiency.

How Bail Bonds Work

Bail is a process in which an alleged suspect is required to pay an amount of money, also called “bail,” to be released from jail. The court commonly sets bail at a high amount, which is why defendants or their family is often unable to pay it themselves. This is where bail bonds come in helpful.

Bail bonds refer to an agreement in which a bail bond company assumes liability for the full bail amount of a defendant. A bail bond agent, also called a “bondsman,” will charge the defendant a set fee (a percentage of the full bail amount) and then issue the bail bond to the court.

Because the bail bond company is on the hook for a hefty sum of money, the defendant must provide collateral (house, vehicle, firearm, or others) before a bond is issued. The collateral will be returned to the individual who pledged it if the defendant fulfills all financial obligations and court requirements. Meanwhile, the percentage paid to the bail bond company will be the service fee.

If the defendant fails to show up at court or “skips bail,” the bondsman can hire a bail recovery agent, also called a “bounty hunter,” to track down the accused and deliver him or her to the court. The defendant may also face foreclosure or lose the property used as collateral to obtain the bail bond.

The Alliance Bail Bonds Difference

We understand the emotional strain and fear that come with facing a criminal charge. Our team is here to help so that your family member or friend does not spend more time in police custody than necessary.

Leveraging our background in the sector, we will answer your questions to the best of our ability, provide invaluable advice, and relieve you of most of your worries. We will not only be your bail bond professional but also your moral and emotional support at this difficult and trying time.

Ready to Be of Service to You Anytime

No matter the time of day, we are available to receive calls from our clients. We believe that no question or concern is too small, so we advise that you consult the professionals at Alliance Bail Bonds about any aspect of bail bonding. With their extensive experience and knowledge, our fully bonded and licensed bail bond agents will educate you on the best options to fund your bail bond needs.

Our Areas of Service

For solutions to your bail bond concerns, trust only Alliance Bail Bonds. We write bonds for clients in the following Arizona cities:

  • Chandler
  • Flagstaff
  • Gilbert
  • Glendale
  • Mesa
  • Phoenix
  • Scottsdale
  • Tempe
  • Tucson

Turn to One of the Most Reliable Bail Bond Companies

Do you need to secure a bail bond for an accused family member or friend? Let one of our seasoned agents write and issue it for you. We at Alliance Bail Bonds will do whatever we can to help your loved one be on his or her way home to you. Get in touch with us today at 888-306-5364 (toll-free) or 480-306-5364. Click here to view our online bail application.